24 Day Challenge

24 Day Challege

Claudia Vargas

Omar Quddus, USCF Cyclist“I can’t believe I’m down 38 pounds since August 2010. I feel amazing and my riding is excellent, in my first USCF race in 21 years I came in 2nd.”  As of 8/30/11 Omar is down 60 pounds.

Scott L’heureux, USATF Runner“I’m 40+ now but running like I was a decade ago.”

Lisa Cornelius, USAT Triathlete“I have always wanted to try a cleanse of some type and after talking to Zahid I realized that the advocare 24 day challenge would be a great fit for me. As an athletic person I saw so many things I liked in the products that would boost my energy and muscle tone and just make me feel good and not depleted like some cleanses I had researched. I followed the recommend eating guidelines and really enjoyed the results of the entire 24 day challenge. I purchased the catalyst product in addition. I did not have a lot of weight to lose but did drop a few pounds and felt more toned. My energy level was amazing and I just felt clean. I enjoy eating well and feeding my family only things that are good for them so when Kim told me I could use some of the products for my kids that made me happy! My kids enjoy the meal replacement shakes for breakfast and I plan to order some rehydrate to replace juice boxes for them. Kim also informed me of so many other ways I can use the products for my family and make them more healthy along with me!”

Audrey Smith, USATF Runner“My last 24 Day Challenge was just a few weeks ago. During the first 10 days I lost 5 pounds and at the conclusion of the 24 days I had lost 12 pounds and all my pants/shorts are too big. I added Catalyst and Thermoplus to my last 14 days of the challenge.”

Heidi Fleming, USAT Triathlete – “As I looked through my weight diary I found the following interesting. During this time frame the Advocare products that I was taking were Catalyst, Spark, Rehydrate.
July 11, 2010: Weight 120.8 / Fat % 23.5
July 25, 2010: Weight 120.8 / Fat % 20.4
August 2, 2010: Weight 120 / Fat % 18.8

I started my first cleanse (24 day challenge) August 23, 2010
I lost 4 pounds, 3/4″ from my waist & 3/4″ from my hips.


It is difficult to explain verbally how I felt after the cleanse (the first 10 days of the 24 day Challenge) I was less bloated, I had a feeling of being ‘clean’, feeling internally ‘renewed’. My clothes fit better and I just felt good. The next 14 days were amazing. The MNS E provided me with high energy & the Meal Replacement Shakes were delicious and filling.   The program is easy to follow, affordable and definitely effective. Six months later I continue with the program everyday – it is now part of my life. I even look forward to the cleanse every 90 days. For me this is much more than a weight loss program – it is a lifestyle of healthy choices that provides me with great energy and an overall healthy feeling.”

Melissa Daly, USAT Triathlete“I’ve lost 6 pounds in the first 4 days, more updates soon.”

Elizabeth Crepeau, USAT Triathlete – “7 pounds down in the first 10 days, I don’t have cravings for junk food and it makes you want to eat healthy.  I recommend it to everyone.”

Pam Giese, USAT Triathlete – “O2 gold and Catalyst helped me run the race of my life.”

Bill Wenner, Ultra Marathoner & Triathlete“Z, during my Ultra a couple weeks ago I was suffering pretty good and the runners behind me were starting to close in on me. My stomach was a little upset with the heat and needed to do something.  At my pit stop with 13 miles to go I had my crew make me a bottle of spark which I took with me for the next 1.5 miles drinking it along the way. It was perfect. I had so much coke and sweet stuff already that the lemonade was tart enough and the boost was great.  I ran just about the whole last 13 miles – my last mile of the race was 7:45 (same pace as my first mile) and I was able to pass someone to bump up into second place.  It worked like a charm – I traditionally dont train with spark – I use if before training but not usually during. I was a little nervous to try something new but the race was falling apart quickly and needed to something.  Im glad I stopped over before the race to pick up the spark from you – thanks!!..”

Kyle Balliet