About Kim & Z

Asie, Kim, Z, Aliya in back.  Z's dad and Amira in front.  Taken Thanksgiving 2016.

Asie, Kim, Z, Aliya in back.  Z's dad and Amira in front.  Taken Thanksgiving 2016.


It all started when...

October 2003
Aliya was 7 months old.  Jennifer Cunningham (then it was Cogle) and Z were riding when they came up with the idea of starting an event company.  Kim blessed it and Buttar.com was born.

January 2004
We did our first 5K / 10K and one of the runners was a guy named Felix Hernandez.  Somewhere in there a lady named Joyce Ferngren jumped on board.

December 2004
Asie was born.

June 2006
We did our first tri at Moss park.

January 2009
Amira was born.

September 2010
Epic Sports Marketing was born.

Januray 2012
Felix took over the operation of Epic.

Obviously there’s a lot more and we’ll update it later.

Zahid A. Buttar (Z)
“Z” is a multi-time Ironman finisher and Missouri state triathlon champion. An accomplished swimmer he went to the NCAA National Championships twice in the 50 & 100 yard freestyle swimming events and swam the 100 yard butterfly. His life time best in running for the marathon distance is 2:59 and a 17:00 for the 5 km.  Currently he is utilizing his skills as an ex-elite cyclist to keep from getting fat.

Z is a certified United States Cycling Federation coach and has coached 7 individuals who now race at the international and national level. He is also a USAT triathlon coach and has coached 2 individuals to top 10’s at 1/2 Ironman distance as well as numerous shorter distance victories. In addition he served as the head cycling coach for the Luekemia Society Team in Training program and coached over 200 “every day Joe’s” to ride 100 miles through mountains in places such Santa Fe, New Mexico and Lake Tahoe, Nevada – the completion rate of all of his riders was an amazing 100% (100% of riders who came to the start – finished the event).

Z has been on a quest to figure out what he was meant to do.  He’s got it figured out now, he’s a dad.

Words to live by
Think clearly. Act decisively. Live honorably.

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Kimberly K. Buttar
Kim’s specialty in swimming is the dreaded mile. Her first triathlon was an Olympic distance event where she finished top 5. Her second triathlon was 1/2 Ironman where she finished top 3. In addition to her swimming and triathlon prowess she’s competed in 2 marathons.

8 years ago she has gave up her full time job as an animal trainer at Sea World to be a full time stay at home mom of Aliya, Asad and Amira (who is not in the picture above) – much harder than being an animal trainer. Currently she works with triathletes wanting to improve their swimming skills – one of her athletes finished top 5 in her age group at 1/2 Ironman and moms want to get their body back.

Words to live by
The difference between wishing and wanting is massive.