Organizations can advertise with us in number of ways.

Digital Offerings

Physical Onsite Offerings

  • Expo at an event – $150 Please click on event to the left that does not have an asterick (*) Then look for the blue tab third from the bottom that says “expo” at this event.
  • Official Swim Course Sponsor – $250/event
  • Official Transition Area Sponsor – $250/event
  • Official Run Course Sponsor – $250/event
  • Official Bike Course Sponsor – $250/event
  • Official Finish Line Sponsor – $250/event
  • Official Awards Area Sponsor – $250/event

Exclusive Presentation Offerings

  • Exclusive swim gear provider – $500/event
  • Exclusive cycling gear provider – $500/event
  • Exclusive footwear provider – $500/event
  • Exclusive apparel provider – $500/event
  • Exclusive nutrition provider – unavailable
  • Exclusive EMS provider – $250/event

If there’s something you’d like to do but we don’t offer it, let us know and we’ll what we can do about offering it 🙂